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SPIN is an initiative of SIDN

SIDN Labs, the research team of SIDN, developed SPIN in response to the serious internet service outages caused by the 1.2-Tbps DDoS attack on DNS operator Dyn, which was carried out using around 600K compromised IoT devices. SPIN's objective is to proactively protect the DNS and the wider Internet from such attacks as well as to protect the security, safety, and privacy of Internet users.

Based on SIDN Labs' research, SIDN is now bringing the SPIN open source software to CPE manufacturers so they can include it in their solutions to maximize the uptake of IoT security functions like the ones that SPIN provides and make the IoT safer for everyone.

SIDN manages the .nl domain

SIDN manages the .nl domain. Whenever you type a .nl address, we make sure that you are directed to the correct site. That means that we operate at the heart of the Dutch internet community. It's a source of great pride for us that .nl is one of the world's most secure domains.

Besides managing the .nl domain we give advice on topics such as internet security and stability, internet statistics and internet governance and policy. We act as a trust framework manager. We develop products and services that help make the internet more secure.

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