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We love profiles because of their user-friendliness. And MUD’s great, because it enables profiles to be set automatically.

MUD: Manufacturer Usage Description

An IoT vendor can develop a formal specification for a device, in the form of Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD). A MUD includes a behavioural profile for the device. A device’s manufacturer knows best what resources the device will need once it’s connected to a network. For example, an IP camera will need to use DNS and DHCP on the local network, and it’ll want to communicate with an NTP server and its own cloud-based controller. But it shouldn’t be generating any other traffic flows. Check the current version of the MUD standard.

MUD enhances the user experience

If a newly connected device supports MUD, SPIN will retrieve the manufacturer’s profile and enforce it on the IoT traffic. Alternatively, the user has the option of getting a notification each time a new device is connected and selecting a profile for it. That could be the MUD profile (if available), or another profile. The ability to opt for other profiles can be useful: for example, the MUD profile might include social media access for the device, but the user might not want to use the device for social interaction.

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