SPIN mission

To improve the IoT security of home networks with open-source CPE software and services

SPIN: Security and Privacy for In home Networks. We want to empower users and keep their home networks safe. Enabling them to protect their own privacy and help improve the security of the internet. The internet of things (IoT) will connect billions of devices to the internet – devices that we don’t usually think of as computers, such as fridges, cameras and light bulbs. Such devices bring a wealth of new opportunities, but also pose new threats. SPIN helps protect end users and, through collaboration, the internet as a whole.

Help end users protect their privacy

Another consequence of poorly secured IoT devices is that they compromise the security and privacy of end users. For example, an insecure fridge can be used by a hacker to send out spam. That jeopardises users’ trust in the internet and in their home environments. All the more so when security isn’t the first thing on most end users’ minds, and it’s hard to tell which IoT devices are secure and which aren’t. We therefore let the user see what traffic is going from their devices to the internet, and block anything they don’t want going out. To make traffic management even easier, we provide ready-made profiles.

To collaborate on preventing DDos attacks and protecting the internet

IoT devices are often poorly secured and as a result pose a threat to the security and stability of the core systems of the internet, such as the Domain Name System (DNS). In October 2016, for example, DNS operator Dyn was hit by a denial-of-service (DoS) attack carried out using millions of IoT devices compromised by the Mirai botnet. The aggregate magnitude of the attack was reportedly 1.2 Tbps! Other potential targets of such attacks include operators of top-level domains (such as .nl, operated by SIDN), hosting providers, and application service providers.

Collaborate with us

Work with us for building a more secure internet.

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