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SPIN software: Security and Privacy for In-home Networks

Monitor and visualize realtime IoT internet traffic
Easy configuring new IoT devices with secure profile settings
Detect and block vulnerable IoT devices

Our software is Open Source

We’ve developed a working prototype of the SPIN system, which focuses on visualising and blocking traffic to and from IoT devices for privacy protection purposes. The source code is available via github.com/SIDN/SPIN and can be compiled on OpenWRT and Linux-based systems. Additionally, it comes preinstalled with our Valibox firmware. See the valibox page for more information.

Easy IoT traffic control for end users

Until now, it’s been impossible for end users to see what data is flowing to and from the devices connected to their home networks. SPIN changes that by providing end users with a picture of the internet traffic associated with their connected devices. So they’re able to manage their devices and get notifications whenever anything unusual shows up. When a new device is connected to the home network, SPIN detects it and invites the user to select a (security) profile.

SPIN Tech info

We’re currently developing the following functions:

  • Granular quarantining of IoT devices on home networks: we have a PoC, where an ISP can block a device based on abuse information received, without the ISP being given the characteristics of that device; that means more privacy for users.
  • Traffic information for service desks: we’re leveraging existing ISP CPE access (e.g. TR-069) to provide traffic-flow insight for ISPs.
  • User-controlled traffic export for further analysis

Hop over to Github to explore the current status.

If you want to try SPIN out, you can also download pre-built images that can be used directly on devices such as the Raspberry Pi 3 and the GL-Inet AR-150.

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